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Dekker Knowledge – Vacuum Pumps and Systems :: Glossary
Dekker Knowledge – Vacuum Pumps and Systems

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Maxima-K DEKKER Vacuum Technologies, Inc. offers large capacity Maxima-K series single-stage liquid ring vacuum pumps in capacities ranging from 1550 – 18000 CFM (60 – 850 HP) with vacuum capabilities up to 29”. The advantage of the liquid ring design is the ability to handle large amounts of condensibles. The condensing effect increases the actual pump capacity dramatically when handling saturated gas mixtures.

The Maxima-K design utilizes flat port plates mounted on each side of the impeller, which has proven to be a superior design as opposed to conical design liquid ring pumps, where tapered cones are situated inside the impeller to act as distributors. The clearances between cones and impeller are very critical for maximum performance, but the surfaces are very susceptible to wear. In case of a bearing failure the conical design pump is subject to serious and costly damage to internal parts, which is not the case with the flat port plate design Maxima-K pumps.

MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet
multi-plex A series of vacuum systems that are controlled by a common set of controls.
Multi-stage Systems DEKKER Vacuum Technologies, Inc. multi-stage vacuum pump systems are available in a capacity range from 50 – 10,000 CFM. DEKKER has the ability to design and manufacture a wide range of multi-stage systems using one or more mechanical vacuum boosters backed by other vacuum pumps. Each system is specifically designed to meet customer’s requirements for capacity, final pressure and materials of construction. DEKKER engineers have extensive experience in the sizing of these types of systems.

DEKKER multi-stage vacuum pump systems provide an almost unlimited ability to handle the most difficult applications because of the wide variety of vacuum pump combinations possible. These systems are used in different industries, including chemical, pharmaceutical, sterilization and vacuum-packing of food products. Multi-stage systems are designed, engineered and manufactured with performance in mind, as well as low power consumption, space, noise and other customer specific requirements.